What is Random Encounters?

Random Encounters is a repository of stuff randomly encountered on the interweb and elsewhere. It has a little bit of attitude, beauty, humour & interestingness. Hopefully, it will broaden your mind.

Don’t expect the familiar as I’m pretty random!

Inspired by a Roland Barthes’ essay in Mythologies, where he likened the absorption of cultural content, and therefore meaning, to a stone skipping on water, Random Encounters is based on the same idea. Fleeting moments of meaning that exist because of chance connections.

The aim of Random Encounters is to entertain, amuse and arouse. To please and stimulate. To expose you to stuff you may not know about so that you, too, can spread the noise.

2 responses

30 10 2012
Josh Matthews

Random Encounters…Would you be interested in writing the occasional music review for a music advocacy website? Visit my facebook page, Mother Plug Music to send me a message or email me at the address I am leaving below.



3 02 2013
Jack Crowther

Josh, Thanks for asking me to write the occasional music review but … 1) I can’t write much about music without sounding like an ignorant twat or plagiariser; and 2) I suffer bursts of enthusiasm for most things these days, not the least being keeping my small online projects up to date. Anyway, thanks for asking.

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